Why Trade Up?
Layer 3 Telecommunications understands that upgrades are a part of everyday business. By utilizing our Trade up Program you can trade your idle technology in for “Layer 3 Dollars” to use towards equipment purchases or professional services.

How does it work?
1. Layer 3 Telecommunications will review a list of your idle technology equipment that you send us and determine the highest possible trade-in value we can give you for your equipment.
2. After a value is determined Layer 3 Telecommunications will send you a “Layer 3 Dollars” account summary.
3. After the transaction is completed you will receive an electronic certificate with your “Layer 3 Dollars”.
4. Contact your Layer 3 Telecommunications technology specialist to help use your “Layer 3 Dollars” to purchase any new or used equipment that you need.

Why Layer 3 Telecom?
1. Layer 3 Telecommunications is an environmentally-friendly company. We will never dispose of any of the technology equipment we purchase from you in a landfill. We only use EPA compliant recycling centers.
2. By properly disposing of your unusable equipment, you eliminate the risk of confidential information loss.

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