Why consignment?
By consigning your equipment to Layer 3 Telecommunications you eliminate all of the hassle of storing and disposing of your idle or excess technology assets.

How does it work?
1. After you consign your equipment to us (while retaining your title to the equipment until sold) Layer 3 Telecommunications will arrange for your equipment to be inventoried and shipped to one of warehouse locations. You will receive a complete copy of the inventory list within 10 business days from arrival.
2. By using our enhanced equipment placing program we will locate buyers for your equipment. At any time during this process you will be able to receive updates regarding your equipment status.
3. After placing your equipment, Layer 3 Technologies will divide up the proceeds proportionately minus the original freight charges to our warehouse location. (Please note that you will not be responsible for the freight charges to the new customer purchasing your equipment) Payment to you is guaranteed once the equipment is placed.
4. Layer 3 Telecommunications will notify you of Non-Marketable equipment that can’t be sold due to either equipment conditions or lack of market demand and will provide you with an EPA Compliant recycling option with your authorization.

Why Layer 3 Telecom?
1. Layer 3 Telecommunications is an environmentally-friendly company. We will never dispose of any of the technology equipment we purchase from you in a landfill. We only use EPA compliant recycling centers.
2. By properly disposing of your unusable equipment, you eliminate the risk of confidential information loss.

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